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The do’s and don’ts of perfect wedding make-up

Anne Molope

POLOKWANE – When it’s your wedding day and you are still undecided on what kind of makeup to use, makeup artist Mokgadi Nyuswa has the ideal tips and advice for brides on their special day.
“You can either ask your makeup stylist to follow these guidelines or you can follow them yourself if you are doing your own makeup,” she said.

Wedding makeup do’s:

• Have a good day and night skincare routine to make sure you have a glowing skin on your big day.
• It is very important to do a makeup trial a month or two before before your wedding day to avoid surprises on your big day. This helps with testing and trying out colours that would work for your skin, and to also save time on the day of the wedding. Do your hair and wear some jewellery on the day of the trial to see how the complete look will come out. Bring a picture of the look you want to your stylist for reference.
• Add some colour on the lips and cheeks to give a glow. Go with classic looks, select golden-toned bases and concealers as they translate better on pictures and videos.
• Individual lashes or strip lashes are amazing to make your eyes stand out, yet still keep them looking natural.
• Wear a mattifying primer and foundation so your makeup will last throughout the day and evening.
• Bring a few products in your bag for touch-ups. Make sure you or your maid of honor carries a powder, lipstick, concealer and a small buffing brush.
“These will definitely ensure you look your best throughout your big day,” Mokgadi added.

Wedding makeup don’ts:

• Have your makeup trial at night. Rather do the trial during the day so you can see how the colours complement each other in the light.
• Let the makeup artist hijack your ideal look. Allow suggestions but make sure you are comfortable with everything. You still want to look like yourself after all.
• Wear a foundation with SPF, especially for pictures. The SPF in the foundation makes your pictures look washed out at night with a flash on.
• Just apply makeup on your face. Extend the makeup application to your neck and over your shoulders if necessary to ensure the face matches the body.
• Go too glossy or too matte. Too glossy might last for 10 minutes and too matte might leave your lips dry and cakey. A moisturising satin finish or adding a bit of gloss to the matte lipstick works like a charm.
• Don’t rush so that you allow the makeup artist time to do their magic. Allow at least 45 minutes to an hour for makeup application on the day of the wedding.
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Alternatives to wearing heels on your wedding day

Let’s be honest, your wedding day is your day and you don’t want to be uncomfortable in a pair of heels the whole day, unless you can really handle it.

Heels aren’t a must at a wedding and depending on your style, you can elegantly pair your wedding dress with flats, sneakers or a nice pair of sandals.


Whether you want a simple pair of blush coloured ballet slippers or a bedazzled pair of mary janes, you’ve got options. Flats will make sure you stay comfortable the whole day and keep you on the dancefloor for longer.


Sandals are the perfect go-to if you’re having a country set wedding or even a beach wedding. Pair your wedding dress with a bedazzled pair of thong sandals or a strappy sandal and voila!


Now you might be thinking, sandals at a wedding? However, more and more brides are choosing to wear sneakers at their weddings solely for comfort purposes.

You can wear a pair of white All Stars or a Superga or any white sneaker that you would be comfortable in, just don’t turn into a Runaway Bride!


Cravats, ties or bowties, what’s the difference?

With men’s fashion ever evolving, many grooms are going for alternatives to the usual tie on their wedding day.

We’re going to look at three different types of neckwear that you can rock on your wedding day.


A cravat is a neckband, the forerunner of the modern tailored necktie and bow tie, originating from a style worn by members of the seventeenth-century military unit known as the Croats. A band could be either a plain, attached shirt collar or a detachable “falling band” that draped over the doublet collar.


The bowtie is becoming more and more popular in modern fashion and consists of a ribbon of fabric tied around the collar of a shirt in a symmetrical manner so that the two opposite ends form loops.

Whether it’s plain or polka dotted or a funky colour, a bowtie will finish your look off perfectly.


Neck ties are the most popular accompaniment to a suit and there are a variety of different ways that you can tie them


Naked cakes: the latest craze

POLOKWANE – The latest wedding trend among couples is the naked cake. Now you might ask what on earth is a naked cake? Review spoke to the owners of Bakery.co, Juan and Armand Potgieter about this new trend.

“A naked cake is a cake where you can see the layers of the cake. Only a little icing is used. There are two different types of naked cakes, a semi-naked cake and a naked cake,” says Juan.

“With a semi-naked cake you can decorate it by using fresh flowers (that are edible) or chocolate drips. You can even use nick-nacks like macaroons and meringue. With a semi-naked cake, there might only be a very thin layer of icing.”

With a total naked cake the layers are fully exposed and Juan explains that at times it might happen that the sides dry out. When you have a fully naked cake, you can decorate it with fresh cream or chocolate and strawberries that are stacked on top of each other.

“When you use a chocolate cake the contrast with white chocolate are beautiful, but you can use any cake.”

The reason why naked cakes are used differ from bride to bride but Armand says that it is a lot cheaper than the traditional cakes.
You use a lot less icing and not everyone like the fondant. It gives a rustic feeling and this go with the modern rustic theme.”
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