Gap year: Pros and cons

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POLOKWANE – Taking a gap year after matriculating used to be par for the course a few years ago. However, thanks to difficult economic times, fewer learners are taking gap years of late.

Technical High School Tom Naudé teacher and counsellor, At Botha, previously said he does not advise learners to take a gap year.


“A gap year is for when the learner does not know what he (or she) wants to do with his (or her) life. Most learners say they need a year’s rest before they conti-nue their studies or start working fulltime.

“Some use this year to improve their matric results if they did not do well enough to pursue the career they are interested in,” Botha says.


He further said most of the learners get lazy because they have a year in which they do nothing stimulating.


“Then there is the question of who supports them financially for that year when they want to socialise with friends.”

“It doesn’t look good on a curriculum vitae if there is a year in which the applicant did nothing,” he said.

Maretha Swanepoel

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