[VIDEO] Health Dept investigating claims of alcohol transported in ambulance

POLOKWANE – In the video, the resident asks the paramedic why she was using a Limpopo EMS Ambulance to allegedly deliver alcohol from the ambulance to a private vehicle.

An ambulance used to pick up groceries and drop off alcohol. The tragedy is the arrogance and entitlement that is shown!

Posted by Bronwynn Engelbrecht on Sunday, 16 September 2018

The paramedic then replies saying “this is my work car, there is no way I cannot use this car to do whatever I want.”

After viewing the video, Review contacted the spokesperson for the MEC of Health, Thabiso Teffo for comment on the matter. He told Review the following:

“We can confirm that disciplinary action will be taken against the paramedic based on her communication. Behaviour like that towards someone else while on duty cannot be tolerated. We expect our employees to uphold the Department’s standards at all times,” he said.

On the allegation that alcohol was being transported in the vehicle, Teffo said that no alcohol is allowed in any government vehicle.

“While it is okay for employees to stop off and get something to eat, we take those allegations seriously. We can’t confirm whether or not there was alcohol in the vehicle but that is subject to investigations into the authenticity of the video,” he added.

Teffo concluded by saying that the paramedic’s behaviour is regrettable.

The video has since gotten over 14 thousand views on Facebook.


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