87 undocumented foreigners found in truck stopped in Polokwane

POLOKWANE – According to police spokesperson, Col Moatshe Ngoepe, police in Westenburg outside Polokwane have arrested a 50-year-old truck driver for bribery and other possible additional criminal charges.

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The driver was arrested in the early hours of this morning, 12 September when he failed to adhere to a traffic sign, going into the Polokwane Traffic Control Centre.

“Upon inspection of the vehicle, Provincial Traffic Police Officers discovered 87 undocumented Malawian nationals. The driver was immediately arrested,” Ngoepe said.

Preliminary police investigations have revealed that the truck was en-route from Malawi to Durban.

“The foreigners are still being processed accordingly and the driver will appear before the Polokwane Magistrates Court, soon,” Ngoepe concluded.


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