Ster Park, Bendor and surrounding ares to be affected by water shortages

POLOWKANE – Residents have been urged to conserve water as reservoirs are critically low and recovering very slowly.

This, the Municipality says, is due to constant breakdowns experienced by Lepelle Northern Water (LNW) at the Olifantspoort plant, particularly on the Specon line which supplies water to Polokwane.

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“This will result in high positioned areas in Seshego, the city and rural areas receiving supply from this plant to experience continuous water shortages. In the urban area, residents from parts of Flora Park, Serala View, Ster Park and Bendor continue to suffer the most on a daily basis,” a statement read.

Residents in low positioned areas who receive water are alerted to use water sparingly by limiting consumption to domestic usage only.

“No watering of lawns and gardens including by means of borehole or underground water,” the Municipality said.

Lepelle Northern Water is concluding the construction of a bypass line at Specon to ensure that there are no disruptions to Polokwane whilst installing a new line. The bypass is expected to be finished by the end of September.

The municipality says they will continue to work closely with LNW whilst the matter is being addressed.

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