Calm restored at UL and Capricorn TVET following unrest

POLOKWANE – Johannes Selepe, UL Spokesperson, said it was an Educational Philosophy Test, and not an examination as earlier reported in the media and on social media. It was reported the students walked out because the test paper was too difficult, but later reports surfaced that the wrong paper was supplied to the students.

Selepe said the university was still investigating if it was the wrong paper, and denied any rumours of the students rewriting the paper.

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He said the outcome of the investigation will determine which steps would be taken against students, if any.

Some students said they wanted to write the paper, but were not allowed to as the majority walked out.

Order has also temporarily been restored at the Capricorn College for TVET and students have resumed with classes following a protest action which started at the Polokwane campus on 29 August.

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During the strike, students demanded that the campus management take their grievances seriously as nothing has been done with regard to a memorandum they previously handed over to campus management. In the memorandum they outlined concerns regarding the National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS) outstanding balances, off campus and travel allowance as well as the state of the campus.

The protest action grew and soon included the students at the Seshego campus as well.

Tumelo Morobe, Spokesperson for Capricorn College for TVET, said: “We confirm the issues have been resolved with the students and that teaching and learning is continuing at all the college campuses”.
In contradiction to this statement, Samuel Baloyi, the Deputy Chairperson of the Capricorn College for TVET Seshego campus and the spokesperson for the students at the campus said nothing had been resolved.

“There is calm for the time being but students demanded we process their concerns by Friday and if we fail to meet this deadline, they will resume the protest action on Monday,” Baloyi said.

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