Fresh and healthy food available for babies

LIMPOPO – This led to a natural progression and three months ago she began selling her delicious and fresh range of baby foods called Yummy Tummies to the public.

Many mothers return to work shortly after giving birth and don’t have time to make healthy food for their babies, so head to the local supermarket and buy ready-made food.

The Yummy Tummies range comes in three stages. Stage one is very fine, stage two has a little bit of texture and stage three has the most texture.

Adinda doesn’t use preservatives, sugar or salt. Yummy Tummies products can be frozen for three months but once defrosted, the product must be used within two days. The range is for babies from six months or younger up to 12 months.

Some of her mouth-watering products, depending on what’s in season, include sweet potato, beetroot with butternut and banana with kiwi.

For a six-month-old baby she recommends only sweet potatoes. At seven months she’d introduce beetroot and butternut mixed with rooibos, honey and apple. From ten months onwards she’d recommend the texturised very fine baby beef stew.

The baby fruit packs are extremely popular and Adinda only buys her ingredients from Woolworths as, in her opinion, Woolworths stocks the freshest produce.

There’s a seven day waiting period as everything is freshly prepared. Adinda’s kitchen at her home is as hygienic as it gets and she also wears a mop cap when preparing her Yummy Tummies range. She delivers to the Plaashuisie (formerly Corner House) on Boundary Street in Tzaneen. Weekly Yummy Tummies packs are popular but monthly orders are also starting to come in on order.

Current clients are from Louis Trichardt, Ofcolaco, Letsitele, Mooketsi and Tzaneen. Menus are available at the Plaashuisie and also at the following internet sites. Adinda’s Facebook page is “Yummy Tummies – homemade baby food.” You can also e-mail her at

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