Inner craving for business leads to ‘cleaner’ pastures

POLOKWANE – Currently working with over 10 employees who she scouted or got via referrals, Grace Gratitude Cleaning aims to help restore dignity in domestic professionals as well as create more employment opportunities for the community. They offer cleaning services of great quality which will leave both the clients and service providers satisfied.

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Boasting an LLB degree from the University of Limpopo and a dream to become a millionaire at age 27, Dineo had no idea how her business idea would benefit those around her.

“I have always been business-minded. I remember when I was furthering my studies I used to bake muffins which I sold to students on campus in order to earn spending money. I had to think of a creative way to make my muffins stand out, however, as I wasn’t the only one selling muffins on campus. I ended up supplying the muffins I made to the school cafeteria for the duration of my studies and I ended up hiring someone to help me bake and sell them,” she explained.

After completing her LLB, she struggled to make ends meet as she was unable to find employment. She eventually found a job as a candidate attorney within a law firm but her time with the firm was cut short when she realised her passion lies in business.

She explained she loves how the business environment challenges her to continue learning. “I believe Corporate Social Investment is vital for the development communities as it encompasses projects that are external to the normal business activities of a company and not directly for purposes of increasing company profit which is exactly what I am doing with Grace Gratitude Cleaning. I am able to give mothers who take care of their families jobs which will help to sustain their household need. These projects have a strong developmental approach and utilise company resources to benefit and uplift communities and are not primarily driven as marketing initiatives,” she explained.

Grace Gratitude Cleaning offers the following services:

• Deep carpet cleaning.

• Laundry services.

• Spring cleaning services.

• Nannies.

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