Licence, registration: Mokopane dealership probed

MOKOPANE – According to the dealer principal, there has been a lot of confusion with regard to the completion of forms and registration of vehicles at the Mokopane Licencing Department.

The dealer principal opened the dealership in 2016 and managed to open a business registration account.

The problem arose when vehicles that were to be registered as dealer stock, was registered for ordinary purposes.

“I have been trying to resolve the matter with the licencing department since 2016 but to no avail. This is now causing major stress.”

According to the businessman, he explained to an employee at the Licencing Department that the problem was with the filling in of the forms.

“She told me I have to pay the arrears before any problem can be resolved.”

The businessman said papers have been incorrectly filled since 2015, and never rectified.

The man had no choice but to pay the arrears and was told the matter would be dealt with by head office.

“This was not done. I purchased two vehicles in Polokwane and as per the rules, the owner must hand in the yellow forms. This was done but according to the owner, they were not informed correctly in terms of how to fill in the form which led to the vehicle being registered as dealer stock.”

The businessman said this situation caused him to report the matter to Hannelie du Plessis, the HOD of the Department of Traffic in Polokwane, in June.

“I was informed that the matter is now in the hands of the Anti-fraud unit, and that my personal vehicles and the dealerships vehicle registrations are now under investigation.”

The man said he had requested documents, as he was told there are “serious discrepancies”.

“I disputed the findings and requested a copy of the documents but I have to date not received anything, which concerns me.”

The man feels he is being victimised.

“I was forced to pay and the guilty parties, who registered the vehicles incorrectly, are not being held accountable. I am constantly losing money. I can’t continue delivering vehicles as my garage plates have expired.”

He has since consulted with his attorney.

“He said they found serious irregularities with the licencing of my vehicles. This is basically an acknowledgement of wrongdoing. Why am I still not getting my licencing done? I get the feeling that because I reported this matter and escalated it to a higher level that maybe the Licencing Department is trying to say I made the mistakes. At the end, they are just implicating themselves because the licencing officials received and registered the vehicle and verified that they received all the documents.”

Matome Moremi-Taueatsoala, Transport Spokesperson said they cannot comment on this matter as it is still under investigation.

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