[TAKE NOTE] New traffic fines to be implemented on 1 September

POLOKWANE – According to the message shared on Facebook, as of 1 September 2018, new fines approved by courts in the municipal area will come into effect.

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The message also gives the amount of these fines as follows:

  • Skipping a red light and not stopping at a stop sign: R2 000
  • Skipping a red light and not stopping at a stop sign (PRDP vehicles): R2 500
  • Using a cellphone while driving: R2 500

According to the message, driving without a driver’s license leads to a straight arrest.


A source within the Department of Transport confirmed that the changes are indeed true and that fines are annually reviewed by the Department of Justice the Prosecutions Authority as well as the traffic department.

This is aimed at containing lawlessness within the municipal area.

“This has just been approved this month with implementations commencing on 1 September 2018,” the source said.

Spokesperson for the Department of Transport, Matome Moremi-Taueatsoala told Review that all magistrates have the authority to decide on fees within their area of jurisdiction.

“The department and municipalities implement fees as decided,” he said.


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