Limpopo mother arrested for alleged murder of her son (2)

LIMPOPO – A 40-year-old mother of three from Lwamondo Tshifulanani village, Vuwani is expected to appear in the local magistrates court on a charge of murder following the death of her son in the early hours of this morning (Wednesday), said the Limpopo Police

Spokesperson, Col Moatshe Ngoepe, says it is alleged the accused and her children were in the room sleeping when a family member heard screams coming from the room and went to investigate. “Upon investigation they found mother sitting at the entrance with the lifeless body of her 2-year-old boy next to her.”

The police were summoned to the scene and the mother of the deceased was arrested on the spot after preliminary investigations positivity linked her to his murder, Ngoepe added.

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The deceased was identified as Maphanga Gundo (2).

The Limpopo Police have condemned these acts of violent crimes perpetrated against children in the strongest terms and advises the community to consult their local relevant professionals for intervention in case of any social related situation instead of resorting to violence.

“The motive behind this incident is still unknown but the ongoing investigations will tell,” concluded Ngoepe.

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