Welcome spring with a hearty, healthy breakfast

POLOKWANE – BONUS spoke to self-taught chef, Pholokgolo Pholo Ramothwala, whose speciality is breakfast stacks.

“I have just about perfected the breakfast stack as I love to experiment with recipes and various food combinations. I will often take a restaurant meal and try to replicate it at home, adding my own twist,” he said.

“I love meat, so much so that I am able to transform any meat cut into a tasty dish. My signature dishes, however, are all related to breakfast. I have been reliably informed my chicken wings are to die for, which is funny since I hated eating chicken wings growing up. My other favourite dishes to cook include rib-eye or rump, pan fried spinach or traditional morogo and any option of starch. I can cook basically anything into a mouth-watering dish,” he explained.

Pholo attests breakfast is the most important meal of the day and must be healthy. He gave BONUS readers one of his simple breakfast recipes to try, one of the dishes from his Pulse Food collection.

“My plan is to serve food that makes those I am serving feel their pulse when eating. Just like when a person has just finished exercising,” he explained the idea for the name.

What you will need for the breakfast stack:

• 3 pieces of streaky bacon.

• 150g steak.

• Medium sized avocado.

• One or two medium eggs.

• Yellow pepper.

• Cherry tomatoes.

• Caramelised onion.

• Rye bread.

How to make:

• Pan fry the streaky bacon with high heat, or use the griller until they are cooked to your preference.

• Steak – use griller if possible or non-stick pan. Cook it until your preference, I usually prefer mine medium.

• Sunny side up eggs – Always use low or medium heat. It works well when the eggs are room temperature before cooking.

• Caramelised onion – use medium heat to avoid burning the onions. I use half a teaspoon of brown sugar to sweeten them.

• Cherry tomatoes can be eaten raw or pan fried with a dash of worcestershire sauce.

• Avocado – I used only half of a medium-sized avocado which I sliced and added to the breakfast stack.

• Rye bread – I prefer it toasted and I don’t use butter or margarine.

Serve and enjoy with a good cup of coffee or juice of your choice.


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