Celebrating women with Unathi

POLOKWANE – The tour, she explained, is a celebration of women, perseverance and the beauty of life.

Unathi describes her new album, The Brave, True, and Strong, as joyful, emotional and a breath of fresh air, adding her unique sound is what her fans have come to know and love about her, which is why she is always working on evolving her creativity.

Thomas Makgato and his wife, Masego, enjoy the music.

One of her biggest singles from the album, Hallo Sana, speaks of the plight of a working mother and the pain of having to leave her kids at home while she goes to work to put food on the table.

This, Unathi explained, is a song about sacrifice and the joy that comes from giving up a lot just to make sure your kids are happy. Hallo Sana speaks about the challenges many women face daily.

Elisen Mogano, Sizani Nkuna and Deborah Mamabolo enjoy an evening out with friends during the Unathi The Brave, True, and Strong tour.

She explained the past few years have been both beautiful and challenging, adding she has taken control of her life and she knows what she wants to achieve.

“This album is the culmination of everything that is happening in my life. If you listen carefully you will hear me speak about parts of my life that I have never shared before. I have lived this and I have seen the joy on my children’s faces when I go back home,” she said.


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