Overly excited, happy trio visits City of Stars

POLOKWANE – The trio was in the City of Star to promote their single.

‘Amagalan’ simply translates to being overly excited and happy as all things align for your greater good.

Ngcobo said at the time they recorded the song, they were going through so many challenges that they were at a point where they became immune to the pain and disappointment.

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“We had fun with the song and it gives off a feeling of being happy and content with oneself. The song is proof that Durban kwaito is not a genre of no content, or lack of content in terms of lyrics as it has been perceived recently.

“We are songwriters and we share our experiences; social ills and what is happening around us through music,” said Ngcobo.

Dlangamandla said they are inspired by Big Nuz and they want “staying power within the competitive and ever-changing music industry”.

“We have to make our music careers work because we have no plan B. We have come too far to let anything discourage us. We have more songs and music to inspire the young and old and we can’t wait to keep sharing it with our fans,” said Dlangamandla.

Khuzwayo said the Durban kwaito wave is not only about music but incorporates fashion and inspires the next generation of musicians. “We are big on inspiring the youth and those who are looking at us and wanting to follow in the same footsteps. It is a movement and we are proud to be part of it while creating a distinctly unique identity for us as a brand,” said Khuzwayo.


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