On air with Beat Zone host Molatelo Ramothwala


• What inspired you to join the media industry? Justice Ngoepe, Moletjie Motinti.

“I was inspired to join the media industry because I’ve always been attracted by its power; be it print, television or radio.

“Plus, I think my personality is well suited for such an environment. I’m a sociable extrovert who is fascinated by the human race’s rich tapestry.”

• What did you study after matric and how was your journey in terms of educational challenges? Justice Ngoepe, Moletjie Motinti.

“You could say that my challenge was getting into the wrong field when I started my varsity education. I have since gone on to acquire a degree in corporate communications as well as an Honours degree, a postgraduate diploma in marketing management and another one in journalism and media studies. I was lucky enough to get a Sowetan scholarship to study the latter at Rhodes University.”

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• Do you love or like challenges? Justice Ngoepe, Moletjie Motinti.

“Life has taught me that we only get better when we learn as human beings so yes, I love challenges. I would not be at Energy FM if I did not.”

• What do you like so far about being there? Justice Ngoepe, Moletjie Motinti.

“Definitely the people. The station has a colourful mixture of interesting, crazy, composed and intelligent people.”

• Who is your celebrity crush? Justice Ngoepe, Moletjie Motinti.

“I don’t really have one. I prefer real human beings.”

• How old are you? Mpho Masoga, Turfloop.

“Let’s just say that I will soon no longer qualify to be called youth.”

• Hi Lati. Now that you’re part of the family, tell us how life was before joining the ‘Winning teams’ (Energy FM and Choice FM family), and the experience and reception thus far. The Saint Pablo, Sebayeng.

“The station has a very high brand equity, so it’s great to be associated with it. My social life was basically in ICU before joining the team and I hope that being part of the family will resuscitate that. You guys need to invite me to places.”

If not radio what would you be doing now? Mahlatse Ledwaba, Solomondale.

“Everybody who is in radio does other things as well, so I would not restrict myself to just that.

“I’m also a blogger and a digital media ninja so I’d just carry on with that.”


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