Keeping Noordeland’s sporting facilities spick and span

POLOKWANE – Hailing from Giyani, Ngobeni is a family man who ensures he doesn’t go for more than two weeks without going home to see his family. Apart from his work at Noorderland, he is a soccer player, a businessman and also the Chairperson of the Community Policing Forum (CPF) in Greater Giyani.

He explained he can manage to chair the CPF in Giyani from Polokwane because he has a powerful team behind him, who is more than capable. He added communication remains the tool that strengthens his team and if ever there is an emergency, he makes sure that he goes there during the weekend to sort it out.

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He has been working at Noorderland since 22 May 2012, which he remembers to the exact day. He speaks about his love for his job because he understands sport plays a crucial role in keeping children off the streets. “I encourage children to play sport because it takes up a lot of their time, time they would otherwise have been doing something non-constructive. I am very happy when I see children playing, because they’re nurturing their talent,” he said.

His job entails maintaining the school grounds, he makes sure that the lines on the hockey and soccer fields are correct and visible, he also maintains the netball courts. With his family being so far from him, he tries to go home as often as finances allow him to.

He is a husband and a father to six children. He added his responsibility goes beyond his immediate family because he also takes care of his extended family. He shared he is able to cope with being away from his family because they are understanding.

“I am here because I have to work to support my family. Although I’m far, I’m able to remain positive because of the support I receive from them. They support everything that I do,” he said.

“I am a soccer player and I have been playing since I was 11 years old. On the weekends when I am home, I play for Khakhala Black Pirates, a masters soccer team,” he said.

Explaining where he finds the time to do everything he does, he said it has a lot to do with time management.

“During the week, I am at work and I focus on work. Weekends are my leisure time and I can do all the things I need to get done.”

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