Nirvana, Westernburg and surrounding areas affected by electricity outage

Review apologises to residents in Bendor, Thornhill and surrounding areas as first reported in this article. The information received by the Municipality first stated that the aforementioned areas would be without electricity but the information was then edited.

The information first posted by the Polokwane Municiaplity.

The information remains the same, however, areas to be affected are Nirvana, Westernburg, Rainbow Park, Superbia, parts of the CBD area, Laboria and parts of the Extensions from Ext 44

POLOKWANE – According to a statement released by the Polokwane Municipality, there is an electricity outage affecting parts of the city due to the replacement of a 20 MVA transformer at Epsilon substation which is leaking oil.

Areas to be affected are Bendor, Savannah Mall, Sterkpark, Flora Park, Fauna Park, Mall of the North and Thornhill.

“The estimated time for repairs is unknown and more updates will be provided regarding the repairs.”

The Municipality has apologised for any inconvenience caused.

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