GIYANI: Man kills girlfriend and stabs wife before turning the gun on himself

LIMPOPO – Police in Limpopo have condemned acts of violent crimes perpetrated against women in the strongest possible terms.

This follows an incident which occured in Sekgosese, outside Giyani, where a 28-year-old man allegedly shot and killed his girlfriend (29) and stabbed his wife with a sharp instrument before turning the gun on himself.

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According to police spokesperson, Col Moatshe Ngoepe, the man was later found lying dead in a pool of blood with gun shot wounds and the firearm lying next to his body.

Ngoepe says in the early hours of this morning, 15 August, the man arrived at his home in the Roerfontein Village, Khudugane section, with his girlfriend.

An argument ensued and the man tied both his girlfriend and his wife up before shooting and killing his girlfriend and assaulting his wife with a sharp object.

The man’s wife survived with multiple injuries throughout her body.

“The motive behind this incident is still unknown at this stage but domestic violence may not be ruled out. Cases of murder and inquest were opened and police investigations continue,” he said.

Residents are still advised and encouraged to consult their local relevant professionals for intervention rather than killing or harming each other.

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