UL obtain court order preventing students from protesting

POLOKWANE – A court order preventing any unauthorised strikes/illegal gathering at the University of Limpopo has been obtained by the university at the Limpopo High Court.

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The court order is preventing the Student Representative Council (SRC) from participating in protest action on the campus.

According to the court order, students are restrained from:

  • Participating in protest action
  • Taking part or instigating disruptive or riotous behaviour that may disrupt mid-year exams or lead to the closure of the University Library or Computer Labs
  • Blocking the University’s entrances
  • Infringing traffic rules on campus.

This follows protest action on campus this morning, 13 August, which is a continuation of last week’s protests over NSFAS funds which the students say were promised to them but haven’t been paid, despite the University promising to advance loans to students for off-campus allowances to pay their rent.

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According to social media, The EFFSC University of Limpopo Chairperson, Mokoka Lesiba was arrested on campus but “no reason” was given as to why.

Police spokesperson, Col Moatshe Ngoepe, says police are on scene at the university.

“We are still attending to the situation,” he told Review.


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