[WATCH] CCTV footage from Flora Park house intrusion

POLOKWANE – At the time the intruders made their way into the yard, the family was fast asleep, not knowing that there were two men roaming their premises.

Video footage supplied by the homeowner.

The home owners only noticed the intruders on their home CCTV footage the following day.

In the video, the men can be seen inspecting the premises, peeking through the bedroom windows, lounge and kitchen.

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The two men were wearing hoodies and hand gloves and the one man was wearing a backpack.

Spokesperson for the Police, Colonel Moatshe Ngoepe urges residents who have experienced the same incident to report it immediately to the nearest police station.

“Residents should not take incidents like this lightly. Report it to the police station, take the footage along with you and open a case for trespassing. The footage might also assist us in identifying the suspects,” Colonel Ngoepe said.

He further added that the intruders may have been scoping the premises with the intention to come back with the ‘right’ equipment to gain entry.

“When such incidents are reported, it can be a warning to other residents to be careful. Always make sure that the doors are locked, make sure that your windows are closed properly, especially ones without burglar bars and when you return home from work or anywhere late at night, enter your premises with caution at all times,” Ngoepe advised.

The home owner says that no one was hurt and nothing was stolen or broken. “Luckily they did not hurt anyone or steal or break anything. We thank God and we pray they do not come back.”

Anyone who can help the police in identifying these suspects is urged to contact their nearest police station or the 24-hour crime stop number on 08600 10111.


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