Lim author bags coveted AfriCAN award

POLOKWANE – He was awarded the male empowerment award during the Inaugural AfriCAN Authors Awards on Tuesday, 31 July at the Wanderers Club in Johannesburg.

Hosea has written two books so far, Gifted, Hunted and Haunted in 2013 and Wait To Be Seated in 2017. He explained Wait To Be Seated came about after he sustained a heartbreak a couple of years ago. “Even though my book has received rave reviews from a number of people, I was not really expecting to win. Since I’m an optimistic person, at the back of my mind I was reciting an acceptance speech. It is a big feather in my cap to win such an award. It gives my confidence much-needed boost because writing is a lonely process and you often get discouraged, but when people recognise your work, it inspires you to keep pushing and striving to be the best. I am grateful to God for the talent He gave me and to everyone who believes in me as well as the masses who continue to support my craft,” Hosea said.

He told Review the award also calls for reflection because when one wins an award, it means they are an outstanding individual. “The category of male empowerment doesn’t make it easy. It suggests that I’m a better man. The truth of the matter is that I’m not better than the man abusing his wife or the man preying on innocent young women or the down and out man battling depression. Like them, I am trash but I am a trash who is trying to be better. All men should strive to want to become better,” he said.

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