Tennis star has sights set on furthering education in US

POLOKWANE – Besides from being a tennis fanatic, the 17-year-old dreams of one day being the voice that will help people in need as she chases her dream of becoming a lawyer. This dream might be well in her reach now as she was invited to Houston Texas in America after she received an athletics scholarship at the Cowley College in Arkansas City.

Takalani has several awards and titles to her name for both national and international tennis accomplishments.

“I fell in love with the game at a young age – a love which has never stopped growing. Tennis is a sport I not only love playing but enjoy watching as well,” she says, adding the more she plays, the more it becomes a mental game for her.

She is currently in Germany, before heading to America to start her dream. She has also been given the opportunity to come and study in Stellenbosch but chose to take on her first two years in America.

“It is a dream come true and I know it will open doors for me like nothing else. I leave with a tear in my eye, however, as I will miss all my friends and family dearly. I look forward to starting my studies and will concentrate on both school and sport to make sure I do not disappoint anyone,” she adds.

She is currently ranked number 44 on the tennis South Africa ranking and says her passion is to continue playing for South Africa as she grew up in Limpopo and it will always be her home.

All her friends and family live in Polokwane. “I believe every person has something to look forward to in their lives and some people will be good at sport while some will be good at something else. The secret is living life to the full every day and finding your place and filling up that place with the best of you,” she adds.

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