Letsitele: Suspect arrested in possession of two Impala carcasses

POLOKWANE – Police in Letsitele, outside Tzaneen, have arrested one suspect after he was found in possession of animal carcasses at a local farm in the early hours of this morning, 26 July.

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According to police spokesperson, Col Moatshe Ngoepe, security officers positioned at the farm along the R71 road, were following information about poachers already inside the farm and during the process, a suspicious vehicle was spotted.

“Upon approaching the vehicle, six suspects managed to flee to nearby bushes on foot. They left the driver behind who drove away and a car chase ensued leading to his arrest,” Ngoepe explained.

The car was searched and two Impala carcasses were found.

Photo: Limpopo police

Ngoepe says after police were notified, investigations began and more carcasses were confiscated including a Kudu, an Ostrich, six Impalas and three Nyalas.

Photo: Limpopo police

“The arrested suspect will appear before the Tzaneen Magistrates Court soon to face charges of illegal hunting and the manhunt for the remaining suspects is ongoing,” he said.

Anyone with information which can lead to the apprehension of the remaining suspects may contact Colonel Cecil Machimani at 082 451 7181; the crime stop number 08600 10111; the crime line sms 32211 or the nearest police station.


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