RSC Polokwane, building Limpopo for 20 years

POLOWANE – For the past 20 years, RSC Polokwane has proven itself a market leader.

RSC Regional Manager, Hennie Delport, explained their main aim is to focus on low cost housing.

“We want to give good service to contractors of low cost housing as we know how important low cost housing schemes are in the province. We have a quick turnaround time and provide quality material,” he said.

“We are committed to delivering sustainable earnings growth and value creation through providing world class fulfillment in all that we do.”

RSC Polokwane provides total reinforcing solutions to constructions, civil, mining and engineering markets. Including the supply, cutting, bending, delivery and fixing into positions of steel reinforcing.

“RSC is committed to sustainable development through the continuous growth of all its resources as well as finding solutions which are good for business, the environment, communities and its employees,” Delport added.

The Polokwane team is highly dynamic and takes on all projects as a team effort.

“Each one in the team has a specific role. We want to be the number one supplier in Limpopo and it is nice to see young contractors and up-and-coming entrepreneurs, architects and engineers succeed.

“We love to empower and help them, walking the road with our clients. We work with big companies, direct public and walk-in clients, offering everyone exceptional service as well as high quality products and services.”

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