Chakalaka brings heat to the industry

POLOKWANE – Thabang’s talents include script writing, singing, dancing and many more.

“I got the name from my fans when I used to act, my fans loved me so much that they said that I was as hot as chakalaka on stage and the name stuck. From acting, I have managed to enhance and work on my talent as a writer. It is very challenging to be a stage actor as there are no cuts and re-do’s. When you get on stage, you need to be ready to switch into character immediately.” he explained.

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Thabang is also a film producer and has written and produced an action play, Tholwana tsa Nnete, which is aimed at evoking emotional reaction from the audience as well as educate them about issues of life which they may not be aware of or take lightly. The play will be brought to life on 12 May 2018 at the Polokwane Library Gardens from 15h00-19h00. The play will feature local artists such as Beon Nkuna as Jason, Try Machete as Rebecca and Dipolelo Malema as Lolo.

“I have been in the film industry for a long time, I studied towards a BA at A-Production School of Dramatic Arts in Pretoria. From there I was privileged to work with Paul Rapetsoa, Abel Kunutu, Kagiso Senkge, ‘PapaG’ from Isidingo Judith Sephuma, Khaya Mthethwa when I was still on Clash of the choirs competition, Bra Hot Stix Mabuse, the list is long. I have learned a lot from all these professionals and I would like to share it with aspiring artists in general, here at home. I am also working on a production called Z3 which is very informative and educating which I hope it will help curb the stigma around HIV/AIDS,” he added on.

He is also the founder of a company called African Blend Art Academy 2015, which deals with stage entertainment only, from music, dance, drama, art, etc.

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