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• What is your biggest fear? Mapula Makgashi, University of Limpopo.

“Giving up without trying. I believe in the possibilities that nothing is impossible if you set your mind to it, and of course, retiring broke.”

• What motivated you to join the entertainment industry? Mapula Makgashi, University of Limpopo

“From a young age, I’ve always been an entertainer, mostly driven by passion and being able to be myself when I engage with audiences. I have dreamt of being behind the microphone since age seven.”

• Have you ever thought you’ll be in that radio time slot you are currently in or did you picture yourself as an individual who can juggle all sorts of shows? The Saint Pablo, Sebayeng/Solomondale.

“Being on radio yes, it was only a matter of God to grant time, but the slot no, however, I am flexible and can adjust.”

• Where are you from? Anonymous, Polokwane.

“I was born in the East Rand Katlehong, grew up in Spruitview but I am originally from a village called Ga-Rakoma in Thabina Tzaneen.”

• Share with us only one line how comfortable you are at our beloved radio station?

“It is an exciting experience of a lifetime indeed.”

• When did your love for radio start? Nare, Turfloop.

“My love began when I was four years old. My sister and I would fight over the volume button and I was intrigued by how radio works, and at the age of 18, I applied to be a presenter at a local radio station in Spruitview. It didn’t work out initially but by the age of 21, the radio bug had thoroughly bitten me and it was clear I was in love.”

• Who inspired you to be a presenter and what hard times did you face until you made it to the Energy FM family? KG, Seshego Zone 2.

“In 2011, while working in tele-communications, a client walked in and I assisted him. I then found out I was helping George Munetsi from Khaya FM. He came to buy a cell phone and asked me if I could deliver it at the station. Upon delivering the phone, he was doing his afternoon show and welcomed me into the studio while hosting. I prepared his documents during that time and I realised then and there I knew what I always wanted to do, be a radio presenter. George Munetsi inspired me. The road has never been easy, I have lost count of the number of demos I’ve submitted to radio stations. One day my fiancée sent me an Energy FM poster and told me they were looking for a presenter and, as they say, the rest is history.”

• Was it always your dream to work on radio? James, Seshego Zone 3.

“Yes, it was and I’d run to Ashifashabba whenever I saw him at the mall or traffic lights and ask him how to become a presenter at Energy FM. I sent my first demo to Energy FM in 2014 and have been trying to join the team ever since. I used to pretend to host a show and record myself while playing music in the car, this was basically my preparation and practice.”

• What kind of music do you enjoy listening to and what was the last album you bought? Anonymous, Polokwane.

“Music is universal for me. Different genres address the mind, body and soul at different times.
I’m really not choosy when it comes to it. I listen to what my soul needs to be fed at that particular time. The last album I bought is by Afrotraction called Relationships, I am loving it.”

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