A look at Star-Peigh and his ride

Phaladi Maroga, better known as Star-Peigh with his BMW S1000 RR.

POLOKWANE – Phaladi Maroga, better known as Star-Peigh is an IT technician at Diebold Nix Borf and is also a member of the biggest motorcycle club in the SADC region, the Sapa Yopa. Bonus caught up with him to find out more on his latest toy, the BMW S1000 RR.

Q. Tell us about your first bike?

A. This is my first bike and the only bike I have ever ridden.

Q. Why did you buy this bike?

A. Hence I said that this is my first bike and with no prior biking experience. I had no clue what to look for in purchasing a bike. I had researched a bit in terms affordability, maintenance and handling. I had no intention of getting it due to its price tag until it landed on my doorstep on a silver platter. Pricing was a pure giveaway.

Q. Do you have a nickname for your bike?

A. Not really but most of the time I subconsciously call it Red Rogue, especially when it starts to get mean and insane on the road with those explosive sounds. RR riders call it “popcorns” because it pops, but for some reason I refer to it as a lady at its peak performance. It’s aggressive like the lady of my house.’

Q. Have you driven any long distance trips on this bike?

A. The longest distance was from Polokwane to Bethlehem. I had actually gone from Benoni to Polokwane on that particular morning and immediately rode from Polokwane to Bethlehem. It was exciting and exhausting.

Q. Tell us about your biking outfit?

A. I purchased my complete bike outfit three years prior to buying a bike online. I had no understanding of what to look for but I still went ahead with that uninformed decision. It was RST tracetech. Best quality ever and it fit properly. I’m using a super reputable good helmet, a Shoei GT air. It gives stability, good ventilation, moist absorption and comfort, that is one thing I didn’t want to compromise on. I recently sold it and purchased Dainese evolution suits, gloves and RR boots from BMW online.

Red and black BMW S1000 RR.

Q. What colour is your bike?

A. It’s red in colour. Red has always been my favourite color.

Q. Did you customize your bike?

A. Initially it had red and white anterior. I recently painted it red all round to break the factory color scheme. Luckily it came with a full Akrapovic exhaust system. All I did was some paintwork and removed the servo exhaust valve switch.

Q. Are you a speedster?

A. Most super bikers are speedsters. My handling has improved and yes I love speed. Why ride slow while you have 199 horsepower at the disposal of your right hand loaded on 200kg piece of machine. Utilise the power responsibly.

Q: When did you buy this bike?

A. I bought my bike in May 2017. I didn’t even know how to start the engine when I first got it. I’m self taught.

Q. What was the price tag?

A. R110k. I found it on a good deal from the seller who was relocating abroad. We both needed each other.

Q: Would you allow another person to drive it?

A. I don’t think I would allow that under any normal circumstances. Biking is a very dangerous and expensive hobby. The aftermath of borrowing someone a bike could result in a devastating situation if an unforeseen situation presents itself.

Q. How much does it cost to fill up the tank?

A. It’s a 17 litre tank and it differs with regions. It currently costs around R210 to fill it up in Polokwane which will take you as far as 120km on unleashed power.

Q. How often do you drive your bike?

A. As often as I can. It’s therapeutic at the times you need it most.

Q. The general consensus among some is that bikers are arrogant on the road. What is your take on that?

A. Yes, most bikers are arrogant on the road but not all of them. The behaviour is provoked by motorists’ unawareness of the bikes on the road. As it is proven that most motorbike accidents are collision with cars and a higher percentage of these are as a result of motorists negligence. You are always exposed to danger the moment you get on your bike. That could be the reason why most bikers are perceived to be arrogant. It’s a ride for survival.

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