Noorderland’s Maths Wiz to take on the best

POLOKWANE – Chipana has loved mathematics since Gr 1 and has always found it easy. She adds though that although she always did well in the subject, when she got to high school things began to change for her.”

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In Gr 8 and 9 I didn’t really take mathematics seriously, and my marks reflected it,” she explained. For the perfectionist that she is, by not doing well, she is referring to scoring 90% in mathematics when she says she should have been getting around 98%.

She was introduced to the mathematics olympiad when a teacher suggested she take part in it as she had nothing to lose. She took the test and made it to the second round of the challenge.

Victoria adds she didn’t make the top 10 but she is excited to have been given the opportunity to participate again. She adds she hasn’t had time to prepare yet as her schoolwork is taking priority.

“This year I am feeling the pinch. Gr 10 mathematics is not easy for me but I have decided to dedicate my time to practice every day. As a result, I haven’t had the chance to start preparing for the olympiad but I am realistic about my chances. It’s almost impossible to get 90% in the olympiad so I’ll be happy with whatever mark I get as long as it’s something I can be proud of.”

Chipana hopes to one day become a chartered accountant and plans to study abroad. “I want to go to Harvard or Oxford University, but if I can’t get in, the University of Cape Town is my second choice.”

She encourages her peers to study hard. “Even if they feel that they know something, they must give it their all because that is the only way to achieve 100% in any subject”.

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