Parents in Polokwane speak out on when it’s okay for children to start dating

Nicolene Wilken "I would say about 15-16, then you have more responsibility in the matter."

With Valentine’s day around the corner, love is in the air, but what is considered the appropriate age for children to start dating?

This age old question is often contemplated by most parents when their children broach the subject at the dinner table. According to some there is no magic age for young girls and boys to start start dating… it all depends on the maturity of the child in question. Other parents already have a set age in mind.

Odette van Heerden “At 16 you become an adult so I would consider it to be an appropriate age.”


Millicent Madiditsi: “16 is acceptable, that is when I started dating. At that age you are able to make your own decisions.”


Beatrice Subhan- “I think it is something that every person as individual must decide for themselves.”
Khatoon Subban- “Some parents are extremely strict regarding dating, I think both parent and teen should be willing to talk about it and listen.”
Nazierah Cupido- “I think in High School it should be allowed, however it will be different and there is no one rule that is applicable to all.”


“My daughter will only be allowed to date when I give the go ahead and can see that her boyfriend respects her.”


Tracy Hatting “I think it depends on how mature your teen is, it is not the same for all.”

Tell us what age you think is appropriate for your children to start dating.

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