Make Valentine’s Day a family affair with the following tips

Valentine's Day is a time to appreciate friends and family, not only lovers. Photo: Caribbean Tots to Teens

POLOKWANE – As Valentine’s Day is around the corner, many couples not only have to cater for themselves but for their children and include them on their special day.

In preparation for this, Review spoke to Maphuti Mashiane, a psychologist who shared his thoughts on how couples can include their children without making it the least bit awkward.

Psychologist Maphuti Mashiane.

“Many people around the world celebrate Valentine’s Day by showing appreciation for the people they love or adore. Some people take their loved ones for a romantic dinner while others may choose this day to propose or to get married. Many people give greeting cards, chocolates, jewellery or flowers, particularly roses, to their partners or admirers on Valentine’s Day. It is also a time to appreciate friends and family, not only lovers,” Maphuti explained.

He further explained that as parents are often too busy to deepen their connection with their children, they might as well use Valentine’s Day to amend this. “Valentine’s Day is all about love, it gives them the perfect opportunity to create more love in the family, not only between a parent and a child, but between siblings as well,” he added.

Parents can also bond with their children by enlisting their assistance in the kitchen. Children can also assist their parents by setting up the dinner table. “Children could wake up earlier than usual and make a sandwich for their parents or offer them massages, not purchased gifts because the lessons they need to learn is a feeling of love that can be expressed through gratitude, appreciation and affection,” he shared.

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Including the whole family in your Valentine’s Day plans need not empty your bank account or require an excessive amount of your time. “Gifts for starters is one way that parents and children can make it a heartfelt experience and expression that builds intimacy and connection. These can also be handmade cards expressing gratitude and appreciation for one another. Another way can be by writing a letter, making a special meal or parents can even take it an extra mile and make lovely notes for their kids and sneak them into their lunchbox, school pants or clothes,” he concluded.

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