Dinah says goodbye to Flora Park Comprehensive after 14 years

POLOKWANE – The almost retiree said her goodbyes on Friday, 9 December, as fellow staff members showed their gratitude and appreciation for her work throughout the years.

“I feel very happy and proud of myself for the journey that I have walked. It was a hard and tough one, we meet children who have different personalities and it does get overwhelming at times but it is any teachers’ role and responsibility to make sure that they are always calm when dealing with these children as their parents have trusted us to look after their children.

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“We play the roles of parents and guardians to these children and that is why one needs to have patience and passion for working with children in order to make it in this profession.

Dinah Rampedi and Finance Officer Ralph Mthombeni at Flora Park Comprehensive High school.

“I just want to thank my colleagues, my former colleagues for their love, support and patience with me as I know old people are a bit difficult to work with as we are a bit slow when it comes to things such as technology but, they did not lose their patience with me. I have learnt a lot and I trust that they too have learned something worth while from me,” she said.

Flora Park Comprehensive High School Principal Joseph Masekela also thanked her for her hard work and wished her all the best of luck with her future endeavors, yet also advised her to rest as much as she possible can as he feels that she is deserving of this luxury.


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