Custom-made apps make school life so much easier for all

POLOKWANE – DreamWeave Digital recently launched a new school app that will not only be the most well priced offering in South Africa, but will offer the most features and functionality for schools and parents.

The reason this is possible is because a standard template will not be used like the current market leader. Each app is custom developed according to the school’s specific needs instead of re-branding a template.

Having one or even a few children in school is a logistical challenge as there are so many activities that need to be remembered by parents. This is where an app makes it much easier for parents to stay on top of it all as information is delivered clearly and kept neatly in one place.

The WorksheetCloud app for schools is another popular app. It gives learners access to thousands of Curriculum and Assessment Policy Statement (CAPS)-based online and printable worksheets at the click of a button.

All content is based on the CAPS curriculum so it’s completely relevant to learners.

Detailed memorandums with model explanations to every question ensure that children will understand the curriculum. Worksheets are categorised by term, grade and topic, making it easy to find relevant content for your child.

WorksheetCloud is adapted to a child’s learning and provides relevant worksheets at specific times of the year to keep learners on track, all based on the CAPS curriculum.

WorksheetCloud is a gamified, incentive based learning that motivates learners to put in an extra effort. Learners can use it anywhere, at home, at school or even on the school bus. WorksheetCloud is mobile friendly and can be used on any internet-enabled device.

Learners can now prepare for tests and exams at home, in class, or even on the morning drive to school. WorksheetCloud can turn a child’s smartphone, tablet or computer into a learning tool.

At a glance, parents can keep track of their child’s progress and see what they’ve been up to in WorksheetCloud. WorksheetCloud detailed reports indicates a child’s weak and strong points, so parents can know exactly where to focus on.

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