Sweet slumber guaranteed at Mattress Warehouse

For many years, Mattress Warehouse have been supplying homes across South Africa with comfort guaranteed for a good night’s sleep, making them one of South Africa’s leading bed manufacturers and suppliers direct to the public.

“Every person’s needs for a good night’s rest differs, therefore we ask as much questions as possible to establish your particular needs. We will then recommend a few beds and mattress options for you to lie on and test and then the power is in your hands to make the best decision for you, based on comfort and affordability,” says Managing Director, Zach Smith.

At Mattress Warehouse, the staff believe in doing things differently and challenging the status quo. This, they do, by giving you the power to choose which bed or mattress will suit your needs the best based on reliable information to make that decision.

“We believe that if we provide a client with a bed that suits his/her needs the best, we as a company will have a long lasting relationship with You our client.”

Smith says at Mattress Warehouse they believe that every person deserves the right to a good quality bed at the best price possible.

“We are willing to negotiate on the price, this will give our clients the opportunity to compare us to other retailers across South Africa,” he says.

The store has a wide variety of different brands for you to choose from, including top orthopaedic beds.

“If you are the kind of person who doesn’t just want a bed for the sake of filling that open space in the middle of your bedroom; if you are the kind of person that is looking for a bed that will not only transform the way you sleep, but also change the way you feel, work and play; that will boost your energy levels and boost your productivity; that will boost your health and wellbeing, then WE have a product for YOU,” he concluded.

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