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POLOKWANE – A serious lesson that Aam Harrison learns is that actions have serious consequences. This he learns after running away from home to look for his father, whom he thought was dead.

It is only when he discovered his mom’s secret box with letters from his dad, that he realised that his father, doctor Harrison was still alive.

With only an address and his small backpack, Adam sneaks out of the house and hitch hikes to the address, only to find it was a forest.

With the help from a squirrel Adam finds his dad and the big secret his parents kept from him all the years, that his dad is Bigfoot. While making up for lost time with his dad, Adam discovers that he has his father’s genes, which comes with fast growing hair, sharp hearing with adrenaline, big feet, ability to speak to animals and the healing touch.

Adam also discovers the reason why his father was hiding in the forest was because he was being hunted by a pharmaceutical company called Hairco, who wanted to use his father as a lab rat to find the perfect product for hair growth.

The very same people who hunted Dr Harrison, when Adam was only a baby, are now on his trail again, after Adam unknowingly led them to his dad when he went looking for him.

Will Adam and his dad be captured and be used as lab rats, or will the Harrison family escape the claws of the owners and scientists of Hairco and live happily ever after?

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