Love and drama aplenty in Mubarakan

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POLOKWANE – After their parents died in a car accident, Karan and Charan, who are identical twin brothers were placed in the care of their uncle Kartar Singh.

Not being able to look after the boys as a bachelor, Kartar sends Karan to live with his aunt Jetto, in London, and Charan with his uncle Baljeet, in India.

The two brothers come from a traditional family and Charan is promised to marry a girl from a very wealthy family, but he is not in love with her.

He is already in a relationship with another girl and wants to be with her. As Charan tries to figure out how his going to get himself out of the marriage situation his uncle Kartar is is also plotting and schemimg to cause trouble between Jetto and Baljeet.

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Will the Kartar cause a rivalry between his brother and sister? Will Charan follow his heart and marry the girl he loves or allow his family to force him into a loveless marriage.

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