John (81) 100 Park Runs healthier

John Le Cordeur and his daughters Jeanne Campbell and Carol Le Cordeur just after he finished his 100th run and received his T-shirt.

POLOKWANE – Since Park Run started just over two years ago John Le Cordeur (81) set his sights on completing his 100th Park Run and this past Saturday, he reached his goal.

John is a walker and not a runner and he says that to him and his two daughters who also do the Park Run it is a family pastime they take part in wherever they go.

“I made my big 100 and would advise people who may think they are too old to just come and make a start.”

Run the Parkrun –  “You do not have to make the full circuit in the first day, work up to it and then work up to the next and the next and before you know it you have made your 100th race,” said John.

He added he loves walking and when he is not taking part in the Park Run he loves walking with his dogs. “The beauty in the park makes you forget the distance and before you know it another 5 km has passed,” he smiled.

John Le Cordeur (81) is the second person to reach his 100th race since the run started in Polokwane, said Felicity Roberts of Park Run

He thanked the municipality for their hard work in making the park something special for runners and maintaining it just as well. John urged people of all age groups to come and take part in the Park Run to enjoy the fresh air and great atmosphere of the run on a Saturday morning.

More about Park Run

Parkrun is a 5 km run or walk that can be enjoyed by the whole family and even dogs can participate. One dog per owner and the dog should be on a leach.
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