[VIDEO] Tom Naudé leerders wens hul pa’s ‘n gelukkige Vadersdag

POLOKWANE –Vadersdag is net een van die maniere waarom ons pa’s bedank vir alles wat hulle vir ons doen, of dit ons help om te leer hoe om ‘n fiets te ry, ons skoene vas te bind of ‘n band te verander.

[WATCH] Tommie learners wish their Dad’s ‘Happy Father’s Day’

Celebrating Father’s Day is just one of the ways in which we are able to thank our fathers for all that hey do, whether it be helping us learn how to ride a bike, tie our shoelaces or change a tyre. With Father’s Day around the corner, these learners explain why their father’s are important to them.

Maretha Swanpoel

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