Sent from pillar to post by Edu department

A scholar transport contractor has said the department of education do not pay for services on time. Photo: iol

POLOKWANE – The contractor says some invoices are already 90 days outstanding.

He claimed to have followed all the necessary submission processes, but has not been paid.

“I have been sent from pillar to post in an effort to get the department to pay the outstanding monies.”

He claims not to be the only one who is owed money by the department, but that people are afraid to speak out for fear of not getting contracts again.

“I have been told by an official that I need to plan better, but it is actually the department that needs to plan better.

“They sometimes say that their money runs out at the end of the financial year, but then they need to plan and make provision for this period and people who need to be paid. We have our expenses to pay too, we need to pay bus drivers, and maintenance and fuel. We must keep operating or risk having our contracts suspended.

“We can try making a plan if they communicate to us that we are not going to be paid, but there is a lack of communication from their side.”

He said he cannot cope if the department is not keeping to their end of the contract.

It is not the first time he has been contracted by the department.

Dr Naledzani Rasila, Head of Communications of the Department of Education said if all invoices are submitted properly, payments are done monthly.

“It is our obligation to pay and service providers have an obligation to submit proof of service rendered which they work on with schools and submit to us through correct channels.”

He said the contractor, who did not want to be identified, should take the matter to the HOD, Beauty Mutheiwana.

“If the person feels he or she has been wronged, the matter must receive attention.”

In accordance to National Treasury Instructions no 3 of 2016/17, accounting officers and accounting authorities are required to ensure that all invoices are paid within 30 days from receipt of an invoice, unless otherwise agreed in a contract or other agreement with the supplier.

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