A triple helping of motherly love

Cheryl Coetzer, Anne Baily, Estelle van Rooyen, and Charne Coetzer make Mother's Day special every year to appreciate what they mean to each other.

POLOKWANE – Mother’s Day is a special occasion in most households, but for the Coetzer family,  it’s a celebration of the love and devotion of three generations of mothers.

Charne Coetzer said the family gets together and enjoy roasted beef and vegetables while they appreciate what they mean in each others’ lives.

“We always make our homemade Bar One secret sauce to go with the ice cream for dessert. I remember it as my most favourite part of the day growing up and it still is,” she said. “The children then all come together and hand over gifts to mom and grandmother to show our appreciation. We make special cards for them which they greatly appreciate. For them these cards are the most precious gifts as they are made with love and comes from the heart. Along with the cards we also treat mom and Ouma to breakfast in bed,” she added.

Mother’s Day is the day children all over the world show appreciation to their mothers by paying humble tributes to thank them for bringing them into this world, loving them and taking care of them.

“It’s amazing how children are able to do something nice, putting lots of effort and love into making special Mother’s Day gifts. We really appreciate these special gifts, the breakfast in bed is just the cherry on top. We look forward to Mother’s Day every year,” Cheryl said.


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