SA’s quirky languages: Part 1

With 11 official languages, it's no wonder some words can be topsy turvy once direct translated. Photo:cashkows

POLOKWANE – Given that South Africa has 11 official languages, it’s easy to get confused by some words you don’t know in other languages.

With Sepedi and Afrikaans being two of the most commonly spoken languages in Polokwane, Review decided to take a look at the quirky side of these two languages by looking at direct translation.

In our offices, we’ve adapted to an English-Afrikaans mix in order to get the message across.

Many times one will hear: “I wrote that sentence for just sommer” or “I think you verdraai your words”. To outsiders this might seem strange and wrong, but we understand each other.

Other proudly South African Afrikaans words that only make sense to South Africans are “lekker” “braai”, “gogga”, “pap” and “bakkie”

The following article on gave the following Afrikaans words that are interesting once direct translated:


Look out for our Sepedi segment, coming soon!

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