A Bushveld gem

Andy Anderson in front of one of the murals he painted.

MOKOPANE – Born in 1950 and known to all as Andy, he started his art career in October 1979 as a junior technical assistant at the South African National Museum of Military in Johannesburg.

The freshly painted mural at PEMPS in Mahwelereng.

Andy said through his career he worked with well-known artists like Len Burrows, Philip Bawcombe, Francois Krige (the well-known Uys Krige’s brother) and Neville Lewis.

“I received my tutorship from Len Burrows who had studied art at the Royal Academy of Art in London. He was also my inspiration and rolemodel.”

Another impressive mural off 4 meter by 2 meters painted by Andy Anderson

Burrows taught Andy black and white photography, developing and printing and introduced him to museum dioramas.

Andy says: “Another highlight in my life was that I had the privilege of being a member in the research and display of centenary of the 1st Anglo-Boere War”.

In 1980 Andy was approached by Lt Col Dirk Ehlers of the Police Museum in Pretoria, Andy was sworn-in to the Police. During this time he assembled investigation crime scene cases, researched crime scene case histories and did photography layouts and artwork.

Also one of Andy’s older painting

In March 1981, Andy and his team took top honours by winning a gold medal with merit for their work. Andy remembers that the New York Police Department (NYPD) sent their detectives to South Africa to receive training. Andy had also seen the dark side of life and in 1994 he was retrenched.

“Since then I’m finding myself in Mokopane where I keep head above water and do sign-writing for local businesses and paint murals on walls.” It is these breathtaking murals that draw Bosveld’s attention and Andy’s most impressive work.

This painting Andy did back in 2005 the quality and paint still magnificent.

Bosveld had a look at some of his latest work that still smell of fresh paint at Pietersburg English Medium Primary School (Pemps) in Polokwane. Some of Anderson’s art work can also be seen at Baobab Game Lodge and private clients’ residences. Interested clients can contact Andy at 072 860 9810.

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Mariëtte Roos
Journalist (Bosveld Review)

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