Wiers murder: ‘She would only open for someone she knew’

The Tanya Weirs murder case continued in the Polokwane Magistrate's Court today.

LIMPOPO- The murdered Tanya Wiers was the only person who could grant access to the family’s property and she wouldn’t have unlocked the gate for someone she did not know.

This testimony was heard in Wednesday’s bail application of the men accused of murdering Wiers.

Wiers’ (44) son found her naked body in their house in Eduan Park on 7 February after she was attacked and murdered in their house.

Her eyes were removed and found at the scene.

One of the suspects, Frans Maela, was arrested the day of the murder.

During his bail application on 28 February he testified that the Wiers’ gardener, Alfred Hlangwane, was an accomplice in the murder.

Hlangwane was arrested shortly after the testimony and appeared in court for the first time on 2 March.

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“Ons moet saam staan as vrouens en as ma’s”

The case continued yesterday (15 March) during which police officers, Hlangwane’s wife, Catherine Lemekoana, and Wiers’ husband, Rolf Wiers, testified about the possibility that Hlangwane could have been involved with the murder.

According to Lemekoana, Hlangwane went out drinking with a friend on the evening of 6 March and he returned home heavily drunk.

The next day, the day of the murder, he basically slept the whole day and Lemekoana said he never left the house.

According to Hlangwane’s affidavit he first heard of the murder the next day when he arrived at the Wiers’ house to work.

Although Lemekoana testified that Hlangwane had only been working at the Wiers family for around four or five months, Wiers testified that he had worked for them for approximately six months.

“He only worked on Saturdays initially, but in October or November it changed to Wednesdays. The only person with access to the gate was Tanya.

“She opened and closed the gate for him,” Wiers said.

“Alfred wasn’t supposed to be at our house on Tuesday, but if he was indeed there, Tanya would’ve opened the gate for him.”

He testified that the security guard appointed by Wiers’ employer kept a wakeful eye on the scene and that Hlangwane was told by him the next morning that he could not enter the yard.

The prosecutor interrogated Wiers about the items found in Maela’s possession and Wiers had to say why he was so sure that they were Tanya’s.

“It was our wedding rings and the wallpaper of the tablet was a photo of our family,” he testified.

Both Wiers and Lemekoana said they had never seen Maela before.

There was also testimony that the Wiers family had more than one gardener but Rolf strongly denied this.

The case has been postponed till 22 March. All witnesses and defense has been heard and a decision will be made on whether the two suspects receive bail or not.

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