Turn your face from sane to insane in 16 steps

Model Tebogo Masekela after the Face Beat makeup application.

POLOKWANE – Bonus spoke to local beautician, Fatima Suara, about how to get the ‘Face Beat’ makeup look.

She shares 16 steps on how to apply flawless makeup for he perfect ‘Face Beat’ look on local model, Tebogo Masekela.

Model Tebogo Masekela before and after the Face Beat makeup application.


STEP 1: Pluck, shave or trim the eyebrows.


STEP 2: Colour and shade the eyebrows into the desired shape using an eyebrow pencil.


STEP 3: Apply highlighter above the eyebrows to make them stand out and to highlight the shape.


STEP 4: Apply eyeshadow, starting with a light base and adding shades of your choice.


STEP 5: Apply various shades of eyeshadow to create more depth and highlight your eyes.


STEP 6: Fatima Suara applying more colour pattern on model Tebogo Masekela’s eye for more definition.


STEP 7: Apply eyeliner to define the shape of your eyes.


STEP 8: Apply concealer and blend with your fingers.


STEP 9: Blend the concealer along your jaw and neck using a brush.


STEP 10: Apply a slightly lighter concealer on key areas such as your nose, cheekbones and under your eyes to contour, highlighting your face shape.


STEP 11: Using a blender, thoroughly blend the concealer used for contouring.


STEP 12: Apply a light coat of powder with a brush to set the concealer. It is best to use a blush brush.

STEP 13: Add some colour to your cheeks by applying blush which complements your skin tone.


STEP 14: Dab some powder on your nose to give it a straighter look and prevent oiliness.


STEP 15: Apply lipliner and lipstick in your choice of colour.


STEP 16: Last but not least, fake eyelashes will make your eyes pop even more.

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