Emergency repairs on substation affects electricity in parts of Polokwane


POLOKWANE – The power supply to Westernburg, Nirvana,  downtown and parts of the CBD areas have been affected due to emergency repairs to one of the municipal substations in Superbia earlier today (Sunday).

According to a statement issued by the Polokwane Municipality the municipality had to conduct emergency repairs on one the substation.

“A report from the electrical department indicates that should the problem at the substation not be attended to urgently, the area will run on an emergency state where power to the areas feeding from this substation may be lost for a number of days.”

Electricity will be restored on or before 17:00 hours today.

“Residents are advised to switch off all electrical appliances in their homes including geysers during this time to avoid any damages that may occur when the electricity is restored.”

The municipality apologises to all affected stakeholders for any inconvenience that may arise out of this.

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