Simphiwe loves all year round

Simphiwe Mdlalose (businessman) says men should learn the culture of spoiling their wives.

POLOWKANE – With Valentine’s Day around the corner, love is in the air and BONUS spoke to local businessman and golfer, Simphiwe Mdlalose, about his romantic side.

Simphiwe believes showing love and affection should not only be reserved for one day in a year, instead people should strive to show they love and appreciate their significant other whenever possible.

His plans for this Valentine’s Day is to spend time with his wife, Clara, and reflect about their achievements and plans for the future.

“Valentine’s Day is an important day for couples but for me it is just another day because I have learned the culture of spoiling my wife whenever I get the opportunity. Marriage is like a business venture because one has to work hard every day to ensure the relationship stays strong and will last forever,” he explained.

Simphiwe added he always ensures his wife is happy, saying that love should be seen as a 365-day project which needs one’s full attention in order to succeed.

“People should not send their partners flowers and gifts only on Valentine’s Day, my advice is to constantly seek an opportunity to show your significant other how much you love and appreciate them.”

A mistake many men make, he explained, is that they hide their feelings.

“Show your significant other how you feel about her, remind her that you chose her among the millions of women on earth because she makes you feel special and complete. My wife and I usually go away for a night or two whenever possible so we can bond and talk about anything, it helps to keep the spark alive which will forge a long-lasting relationship. Marriage needs a plan to ensure couples stay on the same page,” he added.

Clara said Simphiwe is the best when it comes to Valentine’s Day surprises. “He always makes sure that I am happy and I feel loved. I am blessed to have him in my life. he makes my life complete,” she said.

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