Supplements and remedies for back pain

Remember that it is important to consult your doctor before taking these supplements. Then include Glucosamine, Chondroitin and Vitamin D. Having a deficient amount of Vitamin D will make your pain worse, so make sure you’re getting plenty of it.

Comfrey Root Ointment

If you’re looking for a natural remedy, Natura produces a Comfrey root ointment that reduces lower back pain, up to 95% within 5 days. Possibly the easiest way to get rid of lower back pain would be to do it while sleeping! Many people would agree that the way you sleep has a tremendous effect on your lower back. Adjusting the way you sleep is a great way to relieve this pain, especially if you don’t want to put much effort into it. Here are a few ways that you can change the way you feel all day, in just a few hours overnight.

Pillow between Legs

By lying on your side and placing a pillow between your legs, this relieves stress in your lower back. Your spine is aligned and in a natural position which makes sleeping much easier, and won’t cause you pain throughout the day. If you’re a person who likes to sleep on their back, try putting a pillow underneath your knees.

Comfortable Mattress

Make sure you have a mattress that is comfortable, yet still supportive. This supports you and helps your spine to be aligned correctly while you sleep.


Get plenty of sleep! Making sure you get a good night’s sleep is important to many aspects of a healthy lifestyle, but it will also help to relieve pain.

Separately, all of these methods can be helpful when trying to get rid of lower back pain, but they can be even more useful when put together. Try a mixture of these remedies and lifestyle changes to help reduce your pain.

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