The shoes make the runner – Deon Jewaskiewitz

Proper running shoes can improve an athlete's performance.

Having the proper running shoes to meet your personal needs and requirements can make a world of difference.

Athletics trainer and professional athlete, Deon Jewaskiewitz, shares his insights with regard to track and field running.

“Running with the correct shoes can make all the difference to your performance and it is best to choose the correct shoes from an early age.

“A mistake I most often see is that people allow young children to take part in races with spiked shoes which can be detrimental to their muscle and bone development, especially in their feet, which can cause permanent damage,” he explained.

Deon advised that no child should run with spiked shoes until, at least, their last year of primary school.

“The best option, he said, was for anyone interested in athletics to talk to a trainer with regard to the sport they want to take part in and the shoes best suited to meet their needs.

“The terrain you are going to run on will also play a big part in determining which shoes you will use, especially when it comes to the length of the spikes. Running with the wrong type of shoes can not only damage the surface of the track, for instance on a tartan track, it can also cause the athlete to fall and get injured.

“Likewise, an entirely different set of shoes will be needed when running on grass or road.

Put your best foot forward when choosing your running shoes in order to give yourself a head start.”

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