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Lukhanyo Nogqala balances being a husband and father, and having a full time job, with his great love for music.

POLOKWANE – Music producer Lukhanyo Nogqala is living his dream and loving every minute of it.

Nogqala fulfills his role as husband and father while producing music and signing upcoming artists to a music label. “It all started in our living room in Umtata, the minute I saw American music producer Puff Daddy on my TV back in the 90’s. However, my career only really took off in 2011 in Cape Town, when I composed a song over a voicenote on my phone, which was later bought by a now-established artist,” Nogqala explains.

The 31-year-old has been married for two years and has a busy 18-month-old son. Nogqala fulfills the roles of comedian and handyman, coupled with music production, and is also a movie addict. “I make a decent living from it, but it is more rewarding to create a moment in time for someone out there in the world through melody and words.”

Two of his artists reached number one on Good Hope FM and Heart FM in the same year, and he regards this as some of the highlights in his production career. “I have produced two hit songs and am finishing up my new artist’s album. Some of the songs can be listened to on Soundcloud under Sky The Street King,” he says proudly. He advises young artists to network, to treat their music as a business and to continuously work on their craft.

“My advice to someone who wants to start a label or wants to be a producer is to get a team together, write from your own point of view and never stop knocking on doors. Let the people get to know you before they know your label.”

He adds that his incredible wife helps him balance it all out and together she and their son are his biggest fans. “They carry me through it all and I cannot ask for anything better than the life we are building. Music really makes my world go round.”

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