List of herbal teas – their benefits for health and general well-being

Pregnant women, especially, should avoid drinking herbal infusions such as nettle leaf, comfrey and yarrow as they can cause miscarriage or early labour.
It’s best to consult a doctor before consuming any kind of herbal teas. For most people in general, many herbal teas are beneficial and they do not create an addictive pattern as often happens with coffee and tea. If you are trying to cut down on your caffeine intake, substitute one cup of tea or coffee a day with a herbal infusion.
Here is a list of herbal teas and their health benefits:
• Ramsons/Wild leek: Anxiety, arteriosclerosis, colic, constipation, diarrhoea, dizziness, flatulence, herpes, memory lapses, rheumatism, skin disorders, worms.
• Raspberry leaves: Diarrhoea, labour pains, menstrual cramps, uterine tonic.
• Rooibos leaves: Acne, asthma, colic, eczema, hay fever, insomnia, nervous tension, pain reliever.
• Saint John’s Wort: Anti-depressant, anxiety, bed wetting, burns, strengthens immune system, inflamed joints, irritable bowel, nervous system, sleepwalking, stress, viral infections, wounds.
• Sage: Cellulite, gum infections, leg cramps, menopause, menstrual cramps, mouth ulcers, night sweats, sore throat, stomach cramps, stroke prevention.
• Shepherd’s Purse: Bleeding, blood pressure, circulation, hernia, kidneys, menstrual cramps, muscle disorders, piles, prolapsed uterus, puberty, weak anus muscles.
• Silver Lady’s Mantle: Diabetes, insomnia, obesity, water retention, infertility.
• Stinging Nettle: Acne, anaemia, arthritis, asthma, bladder, stomach cancer, constipation, stomach cramps, eczema, hay fever, headaches, liver, water retention.
• Thyme: Asthma, bronchial asthma, bronchitis, coughs, stomach cramps, epilepsy, menstrual cramps, pneumonia, respiratory system, throat infection.
• Veronica/ Speedwell: Bladder, bronchitis, dizziness, eczema, gout, intestinal, jaundice, liver, memory, respiratory, rheumatism, spleen.
• Walnut leaves: Acne, blood cleanser, chilblains, constipation, cradle-cap, digestion, eczema, festering sores, intestinal, lack of appetite, lice liver.
• Wild Chicory: Bloating, bowel disorders, constipation, water retention.
• Willow herb small: Bladder disorders, kidney disease, prostate problems, cancer of bladder, kidney and prostate.
• Wood Sorrel: Eczema, heartburn, jaundice, liver problems, nephritis, Parkinson’s disease, stomach cancer, upset stomach, stomach ulcers, worms.
• Yarrow herb: Bed wetting, cancer, colds, leg cramps, flu, indigestion, kidney, liver, menopause, menstrual, migraine and piles.
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