IN THE HIGH COURT OF SOUTH AFRICA (LIMPOPO DIVISION, POLOKWANE) CASE NO:1413/2017 IN THE EX PARTE APPLICATION:JANE TSAKANE NGOBENI IDENTITY NUMBER: 700704 0466 086 FIRST APPLICANT AND HARLEY NGOBENI IDENTITY NUMBER: 650718 5468 087 SECOND APPLICANT NOTICE OF MOTION BE PLEASE TO NOTICE THAT an application will be made to the above Honourable Court on the 18th Day of April 2017 at 10:00 or so soon thereafter as the Counsel may be heard on behalf of the Applicants for an order in the following terms: 1.That leave be granted to the Applicants to change their matrimonial prpoerty system from a marriage in community of property to a marriage out of community of property with the exclusion of the accrual system. 2.That the Applicants be authorised to enter into a notarial contract in terms of the provisions of the draft notarial contract annexed to the application as Annexure "B". 3.That the rights of the existing creditors be reserved. 4. Further and/ or alternative relief. AND TAKE NOTICE FURTHER, that the founding affidavit of JANE TSAKANE NGOBENI Identity Number: 700704 0466 086 will be used in support of the application. Any Creditor who intends to oppose this application, must within 10 days from the date of this notice file with the Registrar of this Court, High Court Building Corner Bodenstein and Landdros Maré Street in Polokwane, a copy of his or her notice to oppose, giving an address for service as referred to in Rule 6 (5) (b) and a copy on the Applicant`s Attorney at 10A Landdros Maré Street, Polokwane 0699, Fax:086 601 0500 Email: reference number:mph/AP/103/ DATED AND SIGNED AT POLOWKANE ON 02 FEBRUARY 2017. APPLICANTS ATTORNEYS DIKGATI MPHAHLELE ATTORNEYS 10 A LANDDROS MARÉ STREET POLOKWANE TEL: (015) 291 2910 FAX: (086) 601 0500 REF:mph/AP/103/. - SA000406

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